Dear customer,

If you have a demand for a certain Dorubey product, you can easily complete the trading phases and finalize your importation with Dorubey.

Here is a sample procedure just for giving information about the steps of an importation process.

Pre-sales: When you have a demand for a Dorubey product, just tell us about details of your demand, quantities, specialities of the product, etc. You can ask any other questions about the products and your demand. We will then give you a price offer and a trading solution that best fit for your requirements, including a transportation solution according to incoterms and the place of delivery.

Production: If your demand is not in our stock, we accomplish the production phase. We guarantee our customer about the product and service quality.

Transportation & Customs: We are working with a well operating and famous transportation partner who is also serving integrated customs services.

We will be pleased to meet your product demands with a good quality of service.